Anthony's kitchen

series no.-33
Today i am going to take you all on a round of a wonderful kitchen,where a number of mouth watering dishes are being prepared for you. A tabulation of data about this blog first.
Blog title- Anthony's kitchen
Blog url -
Blog author- admin
Genre- Cookery
Created- July 2005
This blog is a foodie bachelor's paradise.The recipes are good,they imbibe variety.They got both,non-vegetarian and veggie dishes.I didn't try any of these recipes personally,but i have a basic culinary knowledge and these recipes sound good.The author,has very aptly used pictured to illustrate his recipes which is a reader's delight.
3 recipes i would wish to try some day are
1. chicken pepper capsicum [ I love chicken]
2. Rajma masala [The pubics fav food for ages]

There are many more,and they are so well described,it feels your close buddy is explaing you these recipes over the phone.Bachelors's,newly weds,girls,boys, brace up your cooking skills with these awesome recipes,and impress your moms ;)
is one very interesting blog,we will review next.
Happy blogging!!!


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