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"some beautiful lines from veer zaara"

here r sum lines from veer zaara dat i lsten again n again just wanna share it wid u,

ek din savere savere
surmai se andher ki chader hatake
ek parvat k takie se suraj ne
sar jo hataya to dekha
dil ki vadiyo mei chahat ka mausam h
aur yaadon ki daaliyo par
anginat beetei lamhon ki kaliya
mehekne lagi h
ankahi ansuni aarzoo
aadhi soyi hui,aadhi jaagi hui
aakhen malte hue dekhti h
laher der laher,mauj der mauj
behti hui zindagi jaise har pal mei hi
ha fir bhi wahi,ha wahi zindagi
jiske daaman mei
kahi mohabbat bhi h
kahi hasrat bhi h
paas aana bhi h
door jaan abhi h
aur yeh ehsaas h
waqt jharne sa behta hua
ja raha h kuch kehta hua
dil ki vaadiyo mei chahat ka mausam h
aur yeh yaadon ki daaliyo par
anginat beetein lamho ki kaaliya
mehekne lagi h..!!


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