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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-14

The world's best what circusmouse claims to be...Lets check in what this blog has in store for us...the facts first...
Blog Title...circusmouse-the world's best blahg
Blog url-
Blog Authors-sixtyfourarts,rithwik,nikhil,vishwachetan,akshay,jayanthmadhav barki,junglebellows,2 t a.k.a Vam C ,Vikas sahu,ayanonymous.
Well group blogs are genrally very intresting to read...Different authors...different viewpoints...the variety works wonders...and this holds true for circusmouse...this group of 10 authors have created a very nice and funny blog...full of pjs and jokes and funny one liners
to tickle your funny log in and have fun...lighten up your reading that humourous content there..Three of my favourites were...
1.if that was bjp's Ram,this is mayawati's Ram
2.Spot difference between two images review of cash
So from currrent events to bollywood...there are a wide variety of topics to choose from...and since this blog is way too young...we can expect something more wonderful to come in future
next we take up
Till then happy blogging!!!


2T a.k.a VamC said...

Thanks for the review dude...

Circusmouse will try its best to live up to ur expectations :)

Tushar said...

Thanx for ur visit,,,
God bless you


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