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crazy journo

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-19

Today we visit the blog called crazy journo
a dead kinda of blog but which probably was started out with a good idea and some great talent
here is some facts about this blog
Blog title - crazy journo
Blog URL -
Blog Author - Toe Knee
Genre - Humor
Created - April 2005
This blog welcomes you with a very int resting line ... "Welcome to Tony Tharakan News Network (T2N2). All Rights Reserved. Readers who claim to find any shred of truth in the news items published here are liable to be hanged until their tongues start lolling."
A very unique blog and some good humorous pieces too,the overall ambiance is fine .Pity that it hasnt been continued after april 2007.Lets hope it comes back to life one day.
3 posts i would surely recomnd are : -
1.Aishwarya divorces tree after 1st wife turns up
2.Bye Bye qutab minar

3. us stance on iran 'a load of crap'
I feel if the author had grouped some more like minded authors his news netowrk would have done much better...
is wat we review next
Happy blogging!!!'


Toe Knee said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's hard work thinking of posts for a humour blog - but it's made easy if I have readers like you. Will let you know when I post something.

Crazy Journo

Tushar said...

thanx for visitng my musings,,
i can understand,writng humour isnt a easy job
GOd bless you


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