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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Voyaging through the blogosphere-31

The blog title says exaggeration. Then the very next thing you see is that it contradicts itself in the description. Confused? So am I. Lets check out this blog.
Blog title - Exaggeration
Blog Url -
Blog Author - Nasia
Genre - Personal
Created - February, 2007
The blog isn't very heavy and bulky.In the sense that there aren't many posts though its active since 2007.The good news is that, the author has been very consistent in maintaining her blogs. There are just 28 posts, but spaced out well in approx 14 months.
On content, its about her work life mostly. Which is interesting, as well as provide us an insight of a person's work life, who is used to working in shifts. Recently i get a lot to see in various medias debates on this whole shift work life scenario. Nice to hear some views from an experienced person. There are also very interesting thoughts and events of her life, which lites up your face,
brings a small little smile, and you know the blog was worth reading.
3 posts i can safely recommend are :-
1. Tagged with gratitude [ Reminds you of family]
2. Public display [ You must have been in a similar situation before :-) ]
3. Kidwai [ Dont miss the last line]
I dont know exactly what the writer does for living, but am very much sure that she can make a great living as a writer [ and that involves lot of shifts too. hehe]
A good blog for mature people, kiddos wont probably love it there. Especially the young adults living away from home, should be able to connect with it. is the next blog on our list
Do comment in on what you felt about exaggeration
HAppy Blogging !!!


Arwindh said...

will check out those posts..

Tshhar Mangal said...

Thanx for visiting man

nasia said...

OMG!!!!!! wow! quite a tribute.. sorry for having read it late


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