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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Voyaging through the blogosphere-25

Ok,this is a tough one.Inkspill
has a great blog,and i feel quite small reviewing it.Still having taken up the baton to at least review
300 blogs,i think i have to do is.First check out the stats.
Blog title - Inkspill
Blog url -
Author - Inkspill
Genre - personal
Created - October 2004
Last update - march 2008 [quite active blog]
This blog is fabulous in all sense of the word.First,the template is cool,and very inviting.The writings are very soothing to read,they are light[no over emotional doses like my blogs,hehe] spiced up with loads of humor and paradys,travel accounts which makes it a good read.
Sample these posts
1.Jodha akbar
2. Yeh ghar bahut haseen hai
A good blog i recommend to everyone[Am sorry but am partial to]
It has to some good moments to light up your day.
is next on this series
Till Then happy blogging!!!


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks!


Tshhar Mangal said...

Thank you
As i wrote yours was too good to write about.
Its a relief that u approved it

Keep visiting
GOd Bless you

Sahefa said...

I accepted the invitation. Thnx alot 4 invitin me to ur blog. I'll try best to keep it up. Just tell me what kind of posts do you want from me on that blog?

Tshhar Mangal said...

As the description of that blog reads
that is much of a compilation.Just post whatevr you wish to.

Thanks for accepting that invitation

God bless you

Sahefa said...


Sahefa said...

I wrote a new post on ENLIGHTENMENT.I hope you like it. If no then do tell me.


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