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Well,I told before at this blog that i maintain a huge database of blog addresses[ More then 1000 at a time].After telling the story of an eternal dreamer, i had this urge to pick up a special blog,something exciting,knowledge full and informative, like jan's was.But her blog was just a year old.A seasoned,time tested,stylish,and bag loads of information and knowledge.Thats what I needed in a blog to spice up this series. After sifting through hundreds of blogs on my database.I saw this name freakuency or something.SO thats how i landed up on jabberwocky. There was a disclaimer,which i hadn't read on a previous visit.It reads,"do not read if you have a week heart or if you are repulsed my genx or both.thank you".Readers note this please.On my part,i have a fine heart[though it breaks very fast :P ] but on the second condition well,i simple think of the next genration behind us as wastage of a great life they are getting [Most of them are wasting thier life *Sigh*Tshhar mangal at 20 is getting very old hehe]
So I check out the profile of the author instead of going through her blogs.Its interesting,but i just care for the books section,check down the list in detail,satisfied,she will write the kind of blog, i wish to review,i decide to read it all.
Details first
Blog title - jabberwocky [It sounds great]
Blog URL - [ Another great imagination of the author]
Blog Author - shayeri [ personally,after reading this blog,i wondered,why she couldnt have thought of a better pseudo name.]
Genre -Personal
Blog Created - Feb,02,2005 [Long time blogging!!!]

A good blog,stylish,chic,very middle class teenage look,a nice template too[ The link list wasn't much useful though].The whole blog shows that attitude young girls are bound to have.The posts are personal,no comments on them.
But the style of writing is superb,its crisp,to the point and expressed with what seems like a good vocabulary and some very good expressions.
Check out these 3 posts, i have picked up,although i had many favorites i chose these 3
1. Of careers,colleges,and 12 year olds [ scroll down this link,3rd post, i chose it because, she had similar feelings, as i had when i was thinking to review the post,young ones young ones hehe]
2.48 and jiving [great one,scroll down this link to the 4th post]
3. Book it [ its a great one,if you like to copy tags,go for it,very informative but the author hasn't done anything to improve the font color,its hard to read, but the strain on your eyes is worth it.]

A good one for female teenage bloggers. Go through it,you will definitely be inspired and enthralled.
Next we will explore the blog,Nicole chocoa heaven,and check out what the Malaysian Lady has in store for us.
Jai Sri Ram!!!


shayeri said…
ok wow. :D
it feels great to be reviewed, and that too reviewed in nice terms. thank you tonnes. just when i had a pseudo-writers-block (read laziness that prevents you from putting on a thinking cap and writing something useful), you have yet again inspired me to start writing.
and as for my blogger name, i had something like "insiduous devil" or "devil's advocate" or something a year ago, but then i thought it wasn't chic enough.
Tushar Mangl said…
Glad you visited this blog.
Thank you
God bless you :-)
shayeri said…
by the way, if there's a blog you want to review, try Megha's. Very aggressive, assertive, feminist, intelligent, rich vocabulary is what describes her.
Tushar Mangl said…
Thank you
will surely check it out

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