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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-18

Ah! I love drinking tea.It refreshes me up and many a times wrting with one hand and a cuppa of tea in another is a good combo.So i had this presumption that masala chai may be an intresting blog to go thru
Blog Title - masala chai
Blog url -
Author - Sunrayz
Created - June,2004
Genre - Personal
Going thru this blog gives me a feeling of a potential being wasted away,the style of writng is fine,the blog is personal in nature not much to comment on the contents but u have to really dig into the blog for older posts or archives, no proper organisation of posts is visible...Not a very highly recomnded blog this is.
anyways 3 posts u can chek out are
1.I realized that as I started going regularly to the gym
2.All three films/documentaries I saw last week atFilm
3.We lead busy lives.
If you find those posts u r lucky enough and if not please dont bash me up ;-)
Is what we peek into next.
Happy blogging!!!


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