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Monday chattering

Photo: Q. Sakamaki,Child prostitution in Cambodia,Mon, a child sex worker at a brothel in Poipet. Mon, the eldest of five siblings, comes from a Cambodian Muslim tribe in Kampong Spu. Like other child sex workers, she insists that she is over 18,Mon was sold to the brothel owner for 1,000,000 Cambodian Riel, about $250 USD, due to the extreme poverty of her family. She has now been working as for more than a year without days off except during her menstrual periods, usually serving four or five customers a day. Mon has tried to commit suicide more than six times. Full story yahan pado...this link
Kitni ladkiyaan ka yeh haal yeh,yet aajkal ki Indian,middle class ladkiyon ko dekho
KOi hai hi nai,ki hum kitni lucky hain.har teesri ladki vodka try karne ko bhaag rhi,har doosri suicide attempt karne main expert hai. Ladke ladkiyon ke peeche aise nai bhagte jaise yeh bhaag rahin.Career focus ka na pata hai,na marriage ka. Dukhi hone ki bajai,insaan ko khush hona chahiye,ki hum jaisi bhi position pe hain,aisi ladkiyon se to kahin zyada advantage main hain.
250$ koi rakam hoti hai,chiii.Woh bhi choddo,child se tum karwaoge?
and log rote rehte hain,kitni hazaaron problems hain unki life main,is ladki ki aankhen dekho zara pata chale.
Aur photos hain is ladki ki us link pe click karlo.
Sheetal jie gir gayin,stairs se foot slip.7 stiches.Sala,life ki problem yehi hai,doosre ka dard dekh,apna dard yaad ajata hai. rab ki mehar hai,stiches to nailage,jab wrist fracture hui thi,3 months,plaster of paris ka bhoja uthaya tha.Aur sheetal to sheetaljie hain.Inka kya hoga.
APna bhai hai,5-6 saal ka,last week of december,2007.Gir gaye maharaj stairs se.Nanhe se sar pe 2-3 stiches lagwaye.main ghar pe nai tha.shaam ko lauta ghar,pata chala, gaya uske paas
to shararte karne laga mere saath.2-3 stiches.Sara mood kharaab hogaya.
Aur ab yeh sheetal.Kisne kaha tha,subah jaldi uthne ko.
hey prabhu,mehar karin kudi te.
sare jane prayer karo.Pata nai,abi to accident karwa ke hatti thi,ab yeh stiches.
Prayer karo Prayer.These girls i tel you

Orky times
"am not flirting....i considerd u as my bro...i cant flirt with u......but u hv 2 realise tht i definatly luv ur poems...n like i always say....REST IS UP2 U 2 BELIEVE ME OR NOT...!!!!!" 11/8/06
hey tush.......thnx 4 bearing with me bk 2 normal ab....but wont b cuming on orkut 4 the day...pata nahin if there will b a paper 2mrw...ya phir it'll b a holiday coz of sealing....but i'll study 4 it hopefully aaj i will stay away frm orkut....or at least try doing tht...bbye...n the jokes were 2 cute..... 11/8/06


firstluv said…
Hey your 'Hindi in English' combi is too good. The best thing is dat ur musings relate to our everyday life.

Keep writing.
Besides I am adding you on my blogroll.
Tushar Mangl said…
Thnku Himanshu
keep visitng :-)

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