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The Story of an eternal Dreamer

The story of an eternal dreamer is just one year old.yet it makes up for a delightful and interesting read.
Blog title - The story of an eternal dreamer
Blog Url -
Blog Author - Jan
Genre- Personal
Blog created - May 20,2007

You enter this blog,a bright sunflower gives you such a nice welcome and you are bound to browse through.The blog has all personal content, and it has been written in free style,and in a manner in which it is easy to read and read fast.So a good blog,with nice add ons, especially the pictures used.Well presented,casual and easy going blog this is,and now i pick out 3 of my must reads from this blog.
1. Dear diary... [everyone has a story why they started a blog,whats yours?]
2. Kitabohn ki kahani meri zhubani ... [This was the best one]
3. Granny
A good blog,any blogger of any interest can read.Especially the youngsters.
Jabberwocky is the blog we see next.
Jai Sri Ram !!!


Eternal Dreamer said…
Hey tshhar!
thnx a TON for appreciating and encouraging me so much!! u certainly made my day :D!

will keep visiting...

ciao and tc,
(p.s.will u mind if i blogroll u? if yes, then do tell me!)
Tushar Mangl said…
Thank you for visiting jan.
Ya sure,you can blogroll me.
It will be an honour. :-)

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