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Minette Walters - The Chameleon's Shadow

A true-to-the-story psychological thriller, this book can disturb perhaps the most impassioned of the hearts. The book is interspersed with realistic reports and highly professional psychological and law related articles, all intertwined with the story. The story follows Charles Acland, an ex-military Lieutenant who suffers from serious head injuries, causing an unfriendly change of attitude, a huge loss of memory and permanent facial disfigurement. Unable to deal with his past, and discontent with his present, his ego builds - causing him to turn sternly contemptuous, and if not, crudely gruff.

Caught in the wrong places at the wrong time, Acland finds himself as a suspect for the most happening murder, the means of which are only endured by an iron stomach. Suddenly despising women, he even rejects his own mother at times and aims rude remarks at the female nurses. But, in the end, he takes a woman's help, with nothing but pure respect.

A vividly described book, with insight into male psychology and a relevant example of a crime novel, Minette Walters proves herself to be one of the best crime writers of today.

Ielfphil Raven.


Tshhar Mangal said…
a psychological thriller.
Will surely read this one man.

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