My small little shopping trip

A friend of mine called me up in the evening and informed that there were some good offers on a bookstore in Sarabha nagar, near my House.Apparently the shop owner was selling some books 25 rupees per piece. At around 8 o' clock finishing my other work,i set off to the bookstore, to find sackfuls of second hand books lying in one corner of the bookstore,starting price was 25 rupees as my friend had said.But there were mostly romance and classics.ALso for teenagers there was the sweet valley twin series.
I picked up 6 books, out of which finally i dropped two crime related ones and bought these 4:
Just see because i dont know anything about them [Thats the way i shop for books.Pure instinct.]
1)Pride of place - Nicola Thorne
2) A slave to kiss - Anastasia Dubois
3)Crosswinds - Shirley S. Rohde
4) Kim - Rudyard Kipling

The funniest part was,mom opened up my shopping bag,she rarely does that,but mom dad were sitting,talking and she opened up. The book on the top was A slave to kiss [DOnt even try to imagine the Bookcover lol]
If you have any clue about any of the books do temme.
Jai Sri Ram !!!


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