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Shamrock Nurse [M&B]

I have been pending to write about this wonderful book,from a long time now.Today it seems i am going to finish off this mission.The book i am talking about is Shamrock nurse, written by Elspeth O' Brein for the Doctor Nurse Romance Series of Mills and boons. I bought this book alongwith Spanish Disco, on June 1st this year.

Genre - Romance Fiction

Age Factor - Suitable for readers above the age of 16

The book
When you see on the cover that this book is a part of the doctor nurse romance,you get the idea of what kind of story it is.This nurse Nuala has developed a soft spot for a surgeon who is loosing his eyesight and she has been deputed to look after her.The 189 page book is a nice soft light read.A good one to wind up and relax on the weekend after an exhaustive week.
Its going to be very difficult to find a copy of this book [I have got the 1983 first issue of this book] But if you can lay your hands on it,do read it.

Gifting Ideas
Again,very difficult to locate this book.If you can find it its a good gift go ahead.Its not a heavy overdose of romance still don't think about gifting it to your male friends.

A Thought to Share
“The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.”
Oscar wilde
Jai Sri Ram!!!


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