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SHopping books in delhi-1

Once, few years ago,i was going to Noida,with my cousin, my sis and mom. As it happens very regularly In Delhi,
you meet heavy traffic en route and have to navigate through many red lights.
The special thing i saw this time, was that the goodies sold by poor people had changed in past years.Now there were little kids,selling pirated books and not same beggars or women selling some weird car accessories or food items.
I remember in the midst of hot,long drive i found this very intriguing. here were some illiterate kids selling John Grisham,archers,dan brown's books.Even Shoba De. They knew each title and author well.The quoted high prices signaling that they were ready for bargaining.And if you don't find the book of your choice,pat comes the reply..."Woh doosre ladke ke paas hai,abhi laata hun"
[Its with the other guy,i will just get it.]
As someone who spreads awareness about books,who motivates people to read good books,wants to create a library one day and also is a wannabe author I don't generally recommend pirated books.But that sunny afternoon i reflected and i still remember that these children are so smart, they are illiterate and they are selling me books of authors whose name they wouldn't have heard in their entire life.They are not above 16 even.If we buy some of these books from them, wouldn't it be of some help to them???
But if we buy these books aren't we encouraging piracy????
Here is somewhat similar article if you wish to browse through.
In Delhi you can also get pirated books from
near Gaffar Market
JD Block Market,Pitampura [after 7 usually]
Basant Lok market [ I think thats the actual name of what we fondly call The priya's market or place.]
These are the places where i have browsed and seen pirated books being sold.
A friend informed me that in Brahmaputra enclave market also such books are sold,though i never been there.
Connaught place market and surrounding areas have lot of people sitting on the floor,and selling books and posters.One such location was where Nirula's The old one,the famous ice cream parlor used to be situated.It was a corner shop and had people sitting on floor on both sides near the shop, selling loads of books and posters.Made Ice cream eating affair more fun then ever.For those who never been to Delhi, C.P. as it is fondly called,has one of the largest clusters of bookstores in Delhi.
I am not advocating buying of pirated books, just passing on some information. DO write in if you can share some more knowledge with us.
Jai Sri Ram !!!


Anuj said…
Note: This is in reference to this post on your other blog.

I am really sorry to interrupt your lovely little charade, you can carry on after this, I have just one thing to say.

You have any problems with me? Fine, then keep till me. You already know my email Id so you might as well fill it up with hate mail or something. Better yet start a hate group; do anything you want to but do not trouble other human beings on my account. Do you understand?

Skewer me, call me whatever you want, but leave Nidhi the fuck alone will ya? She's a decent person and decent people don't deserve to be commented upon by scumbags like you. Period.

PS: In case you forgot my email ID is; if the urge really strikes you then go to uncyclopedia and start a hate article on me.

PPS: You don't want me to be angry, you won't like it when I'm angry.
Tshhar Mangal said…
Oh sir, you are so excited.
I reply to all comments on my musings
and all the other blogs,i am part of.
rest assured,all your queries will be taken care of.
And you too have my email id.
Thanks for visiting the reader's paradise. Hope you liked our work here

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