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I am doing something..which i guess Tushar generally does..which is to welcome the new members of this blog,and give their brief.
But I am doing it..afcourse for a reason..

Tushar..the owner of this blog..has spent a huge amount of welcoming and introducing all the members of this blog..which should be surely appreciated by everyone i guess..but unlikely he forgot something very important..which i will do on his behalf,,is to introduce everyone..

Well Tushar is a person who has always inspired me..always..his words filled with kindness..his matured talks..his ideas..all are like simply out of this world.He being aged 20 yrs...doing BBA..currently in 2ND Ludiana..his hometown..has always tried his level best to forward his hand for help to not only his friends but even his enemies.If someone will ask there any person on this planet..who is not selfish..??..who first thinks about others and then about he himself ??..and i will proudly say..yes..i know such a person..its Tushar..and I'm really proud that i ve got this great great opportunity to be friends with him..and share such a nice relationship or i should say a wonderful bond with him.For me..he defines the words completely Friendship,Family,Care,Concern,love,help..and numerous more that i can list...

He being a voracious reader..has read sooo many books till date..which can like shock even the greatest of the readers.He has a dream to make his own library..for the sake of idea..which i salute..because i know how pure his heart pure his soul is..

This being his forth blog..a time absorber afcourse..but still he manages..(i wonder how)..just thinking about the dream he has seen since his childhood to spread knowledge all across the globe..he goes on and on...and on and on..

I guess not only we should proudly welcome him to this blog..his own blog actually..but also thank him for such good thoughts of humanity with which his mind is filled withh...

I sometimes wonder..what good work i must have those years which have gone by..that i got such a wonderful my best friend..;-)

In the end..i would like to sum up by saying..that Tushar..we all with this mission of are no more single..we are plural sorry for these wierd we are here..ALWAYS..for you..your mission..and anytime you need help..ill be there for you :-)


Espèra said…
Yeah, Pankhuri, this is the right way to go!
Tushar knows us, but we didn't know him that well.
Tshhar Mangal said…
OMG!!! B*L*U*S*H*I*N*G*

First things first.I never introduce anyone in such lengthy words.
I don't deserve such a intro.Really.

After the 4th para i couldnt even read further. Senti hui gawa :D

I am humbled,thank you pankhuri but really this effort wasn't really required.
God bless you friend :-)
Well,there is not much to know about it,pankhuri is exaggerating.
God Bless you
Take care
Keep writing
Keep Reading
ohhooo..maineyy kuch exaggerate nai kiyaa sach hai..woh sach hai..aur itna bura bhi nai likha ki tu senti ho gaya..:(..bhudhuu ;-)

aur yeh sab aapka idea tha..
yeh blog..yeh aapko aisa intro to milna hi chiayee..aap sabkey baareyy mein sochoo..aur koi aapkey baarey mein naa sochey..??..bhut naa-insaafi hai yehh.hehehehehe

god bless ya..
keep luvin us like dis onlyy..

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