An epilogue to a half finished chapter

5:10:00 PM

SO the Nidhi case is almost behind me.
Oh and ya, A Note :- The following notes are being created for future reference of the author.The language will be bad, disgusting or maybe very bad and very disgusting.Please read at your own risk.And try not to do a postmortem of this text on your personal blogs.
Another Note - THese are the personal observations of the author for his own research.There are high chances you wont love them. Refrain from fighting over them as much as you can.
So the Nidhi case is almost behind me.I have done all I could to end the matter.But as it happens, i have learnt a lot and observed a lot. SOme of my observations i will do now, some later.

1) I found Miss Espera as the most interesting person in this whole affair.She commented on those posts made my nidhi against me.Even read my blogs.commented too.But manners jo important cheez hai woh us bandi main bahut sahi the.She was sarcastic at times,judgmental,even rude at times, illogical too.But she was the best character in the whole episode.She wishes to stay away from the issue but is curious regarding some points.Natural.
The way she talks,she presents her points was wonderful.Courteous,and manner full.
Now manners don't mean, you have to say yes sir, and no sir .Tehzeeb hai, baat karne ki, ek stranger ke saath.Halimi ni kahunga, but fir bhi salika acha tha uska baat karne ka.
Kal ko mere se ladne bhi ayegi to tameez ke saath.Ab kissi ki tone kaisi hai, baat karne ki, ispe hum itna kuch sochen.

2) Friends...nidhi aur uske friends ne mai kahunga, bahut achi tameez nai dikhayi.Main espera ka example fir se lunga, woh bhi sarcastic thi, jaisa maine kaha at times she sounded rude too.
But ek strong character hai us ladki ka.Woh rudeness bhi achi lagti hai.provocative nai lagti.slanderous nai lagti.Why doesn't her friends learn this from her, i wonder.Anyways.
Point ki baat yeh hai ki un logon ne bahut galat jo bola, mujhe aisa laga mera aur mere friends ke baare main.
One says your friends have a sexist streaks.
Other says your friends worship you.
You are a God to them.Kriti ne shayad bola ki they are immature.

"*It will take me some time to pile up all the facts so i would like to request, appeal, order all my friends,and readers of this blog, not to comment against Miss nidhi or her friends.Especially on her blogs. If you have anything to say as a viewpoint on the whole matter comment on this post"
so now you're trying to steal her readers, are you??
and duh, ankeita is "always with you on the right path", cause, duh , she sucks upto u

Yeh bola ek ladki by the name of poison.Name main hi itna venom hai.
Pata chalta hai, Nidhi jis company main hai woh company main kitna gand hai.
AIsa bolna chahiye kya???Religion wale comment ke baad mujhe yeh baatien sabse insulting lagin.
Ek respect word hota hai.Izzat.Mere dost meri Izzat karte hain.And haan mujhe yeh baat bahut pasand hai.Espera ke ek comment pe Ankeita ne halka sa joke maara.Mujhe pasand nai aaya maine wahin likh diya, ki yeh joke was in bad taste.Espera ne pada bi nai hoga.
On the other hand Woh jo yeh gand baatien bolte hain.Yeh poison ki language to dekho.
Woh khud kitne i want to say, chal jaan do. Izzat karte hain dost mere meri.Aur yeh mutual hai.Ankeita meri izzat karti hai,usne ussi time sorry bola.Espera ko pata bi nai chala hoga.Lekin jab Bharat ne ek comment daala,jo ganda aur ghatiya tha.Under pressure nidhi deletes it, and bharat ko sorry bola.But mujhe bol paayi???Boobs and balls ki fikar hai ek halki si sorry bol do ki chalo yeh comment bad taste main tha.Hai izzat???
Mujhe bolte hain, tumahre dost aise hain waise hain. Jaise bhi hain. izzat puri karte hain.Maine bola koi comment nai karega nidhi ke against to nai kiya.Ussi time pe woh log pad rahe, ki unke dost ki kaise insult ki jaa rahi nidhi ki wajeh se.But na, woh nai bolenge.izzat hai.Aur jaise hi maine kaha, jaao ab kar lo jitne marzi comments to woh sexist ya worshipping nai, Izzat thi.
Could Nidhi do anything like that>??? never. She told me she doesn't control what her friends say.But jab meri ek friend ne uske friend ko asshole bola, maine apni friend ko snub kar diya.Uskke samne kiya is liye Usse bura laga,but chalo koi na.Jo theek hai, woh theek hai.Atleast ek respect hai.Ek responsibility hai.Ki jo comment mera friend kar raha, usmein meri izzat hai.aur woh log kar bhi responsibly rahe.

6.43 Pm
I will type fast and will mistakes. sorry.Nidhi has just threatened me 24 hours diye hain sirf.Maybe she is sending goons to kill me.So i have to write my will too.

3) Espera was a bystander.She never wished to get involved i guess. So jo Nidhi ke main friends involve hue,usmein se ishmeet and kriti were good fellas.
Kriti ne kabhi koi galat words nai use kiye.No boobs and balls language.She used her english dictionary of adverbs to the best.
marne se phle naha leta hun
yaar is blog ka kya karna hai???Jekar main mar gaya to itne sare comments ke answer kaun dega?baaki pe to administrators hai sambhaal lenge

Kriti,i read her blogs,bahut deep nai jata main kissi ke blog pe.But jis tarah se she commented here, ek feeling aayi, ek observation aayi.Ache ghar ki, bhale ghar ki ladki hai.Sharif ladki hai but iska yeh matlab nai anyone and everyone can mess with her.Jwaab dena aata hai.Apni limits main rahegi aur pure zeal ke saath arguments kiye.Mujhe yaad hai, maine 48 hours diye the mere questions ka answer do.30 ke under ya 24 ke under, i dont remember, but well before the time ends, i get the answer on the comment box.AB main kehta hun, haan yeh bandi se argue karne ka bhi mazaa hai.Dam hai ismein.Tehzeeb se ladegi.maine agar keh diye u mocked my religion, jo thoda exaggerated tha.COunter question karegi. ANd most importantly end main smiley thi.Jiska apna ek significance hai.It was tiring, lite nai, pankha nai.But maza aya uske ek ek point ka answer dena ka.SUbstance hai ladki main aur uski baat main.
On the other hand negatives bahut time to time maine point bhi kiye.abhi kaha na, she said my friends are immature.Aur sabse zyada mujhe bura yeh laga ki itni baatien mann main raakhin hui thi.I never knew anyone had so much problem witht he farewell post.Ek line achi nai lagi thi Nidhi ko, but maine wahan likha tha, ki i am supposing this, i may be wrong. So nothing very bad there.
Uske alawa agar yeh ladki itni siyaani hai.Pehle kyun nai aai mere paas.yeh baat bahut buri lagi.But overall jaisa kahunga, bande se deal karke, baat karke mann khush hogaya.Maine iska behaviour pattern jab study kiya, tabi i had this feeling ki yeh ladki end karwayegi issue ko.
And jab the oppurtunity came, i exploited it to the fullest.And now i hope she helps us end all this.She has the potenital the substance.
Nidhi ne to mujhe threaten karke blog private kar liya.Kriti is better.She who responded well before the time limit.[ the time limit has lot of significance] She may not enjoy much of my goodwill as before.Haan appreciation, ek regard respect nai to regard she has earned and very righfully deservingly earned.

AB baat karunga Ishmeet/Snitch ki...
Ek aisa banda who was the wrong person at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Again...Like kriti, very good at words. Tehzeeb mujhse bhi achi. Aisa lagega kissi sant mahatma ke darshan karke abhi abhi aya hai.Badi changi baatien karega.
Oh lest
nids said...

24 hours, and then you get it bad.

So main soch raha, chinise khaa ata hun.Kahin mar gaya to...chinise khake marta hun.
8.30 Pm
I went to Yo china...They refused me food
I politely asked..................................................Did any miss Nidhi call you up???
Pta nai usse kya kya hua ... Blank sa face bana diya

I went to a pastry shop....I asked him
Is their any poison in this pastry???
He calls for the doctor.

Coming back to Ishmeet. I mean, itna time hogaya blogging karte hue.Yeh aaya mujhe samjhaane blogger spirit.Ki mitti paao, baat khatam karo.Badi achi baat kahi.Lekin ek galti yeh kar gaya.He wrote to me, in an answer ki iski nidhi se baat nai hui thi jab yeh mere se baat karne aaya.Yeh ek mistake thi.Tu pehle wahan se baat karke aa.

Baaki, yeh un bandon main se hai.Integrity hai. Ek uske action ki galti main nikaal lun, but boli main koi bhi nai.Aisa hona chahiye insaan.And again, maine nidhi ke blog pe, mere against ek bhi comment nai dekha.Yahan kiya mere blog pe.And bilkul proper manner main.Kahin kahin zyada bol gaya.but chalo koi na.Itna nai sochte hum.

Overall yeh Kriti and Ishmeet woh log the, jisse Godfather said :This is a man of reason.
[oh yahan ek lady bhi hai]
Pura analysis karke yeh lagta khoya to chalo bahut kuch...Yeh 3 log the, jinki wajeh se laga ki i am not in a catfight or a dogfight or some animal fight. Yahan humans hain.
And tabhi mujhe laga ki agar kriti ya ishmeet ki baat ultimatley maan bhi lunga to yeh deserve karenge woh izzat.And matter bhi solve hojayega.
9.00 Pm
Warna mera human analysis ki judgment bahut kam galat hoti hai.Yeh aajtak samjh nai aaya.
Is nidhi se main 2-3 baar bhidd chuka.Genuine analysis bataunga.Yeh ladki bahut hi achi bandi hai.Koi mere se jab ladne ayega, pehle hi behavior pattern check kar lunga.Itna kuch hone ke baad bhi yehi feeling aati hai.Bandi achi hai.but bewakoofi kar jati hai.Yaan fir immature hai.pata nai.But aaj bhi dil yehi kahega, bandi ki report ok hai.Sare paramters dekh liye.Bas isse conclusions pe jump karne ki badi jaldi rehti hai.
nids said...

24 hours, and then you get it bad. Thursday, July 03, 2008 6:31:00 PM

Aur woh kya tha, boobs and balls.Samjh yeh bhi nai aati,kriti,ishmeet,espera iske dost hain,bandi ko samjhao.Aur yeh kya hai.Tum mujhe darrane aagaye hehehe.Maine wahan likh diya
ki kriti meri baat hogi abse.Hum karlenge sab.Kriti ko request paa di. Tu thand rakh le
Zaroori hai yeh dhamki dena?Aaj mera dimaag phir jaaye.
20 saal main aisi nai dekhi jo mujhe keh jaaye kuch,aur yeh,itni bezzati ke baad, dhamki de gayi.Jabki maine chapter close karna signal de raha.Bola ki main kriti ke hisaab se chalunga. Tu thand rakh le.Garmi lag rhi to Kriti ko phone kar.Ki tushar tere se baat kar raha.usse samjha le.woh teri sab baat manega.par nai.
Kya hoga is ladki ka...meri jageh koi aur siyaana banda hota bata deta isse fir ek baar.
Ki bezzati karni yeh hoti hai.Agli baar kuch bolne ki himmat na rehti.
Hamari izzat yahan internet pe hi nai ... Ludhiana dilli tak hai. mujhe dhamki degi
Maine yahoo pe bola bhi baat karle mujhse, nai ki.
Immaturity hai.Yehi conclusion hai.

10.55 PM
Bhai haath jod diye.Tauba hogayi meri.Yeh ladki hai ki kya hai?Nidhi se baat hui.Itna kuch hogaya is ladki ki zidd nai na
Kehti hai sare posts delete karo.jismein Nidhi,anuj,kriti ya ishmeet ka mention ho.
Aur haan Bharat...apna bharat....religion wala.Fikar chadd gaya hai Nidhi ko.Main soch raha tha kar dun delete.But ab usne bol diya.Ab to na karunga.Besharmi hi dekhni hai mujhe us ladki ki
to why not? Hadd hai.Pata nai maine kya kar diya ki rab ne mujhe yeh ladki takkra di.
Bol diya maine, ki jaise uski saheli nai maanti.
Bas bharat ka post delete kardo.Main tumhare woh 2 kardungi if you delete all those posts.
Hey Ram!!! bachale mujhe.Meri bezzati ki, to post likhe maine.Sabko sach to pata chale.
ab bargaining kar rahi.Ghatiya panti ki sab limits crossed.
Aise vahiyat log mile mujhe.Theek hai ladi chalo.Main bhi dekhta hun
Jab tak is shareer main saans chal rahi tab tak main bi lad sakta hun.
Araam se betha hun,iska yeh matlab nai apna Kshatriya dharam bhool gaya main.

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