Ok,,,first things first...Happy Independence always i got patriotic n a thought process was triggered(hehe,my thought processes are like that toy gun wid da arbitary bullet tied wid a string to da nozzle,,,da same things keep gettin triggered again n again,pardon da strange metaphorism!)
So i got up,attended my morning chem tuition...during dat whole tym i didn wish anybody...i know its nthin to be proud of...its just didn't come as naturally as a birthday wish for sum1 mistakes teachin sumthin are worth making...pata nai kyun aisa lag raha tha ki 50% of da ppl sittin dere at da tuition were not even consciously aware ki aaj school ki chutti kyun hai...i always feel dat hearing da same thing over n over again reduces its impact,baat kiti bhi sahi kyun na ho.So many times we've heard da same reasonings n beckonings n all,we get accoustomed to not react to one thought stirrs me like nythin..."Someone died for me,its a TREMENDOUS thing,how can i tell my soul to ignore it!!!"
Often i end up thinkin how those freedom fighters would actually cry seeing today's scenario.I come across pretty frequently all dis bein a non med student...kitna simple hai mba karo life banao,oversees jao aish myself sumtimes get lured by dese prospects...par pata nai,its sumthing da inner self doesn't give permission of.
My physics teacher told da class a story,he said"dere was a lavish tree,wid lots of birds living on it...den one day the tree caught fire,n da birds kept sittin n burnin wid it.Sum1 asked dem 'u have wings,why don't u fly away n save urself?' n da birds replied 'we were wid it durin its gud times,we had its fruits,we spoiled its leaves wid our dirt,he never said can we leave it now just like dat???' "
Seriously speaking the "survival of the fittest" theory confuses me...the Bible says"the meek shall inherit the earth" Animals follow this struggle n win rule...we are supposed to be a bit above dem...its our ethics which makes us humans...a lot of ppl say "we have every right to make our lives better,why shuldn't we?we studied so hard,now its our right to enjoy" I don't understand deir argument...da birds couldn't even do nythin fr da tree...still dey stayed on...hamare paas to poori capability hai...fir bhi y are we giving up???
How many iitians actually stay in India???I know things may not be going at their best how will dey get better if we don'y anything..our forefathers cud hav easily said dat "why me only" thing..dey didn't...dey did so much for us...den y do we now hesitate to do sumthin fr others??? Why don't we realise da value of dat inexplicable joy abhinav bindra wd hav got when da national anthem was played on him winning da gold???Why don't we hold on,,,why don't we try???

Da heart did cry hearing about kashmir disturbance...but in dat same news segment...dere was also da news of abhinav bindra winning an olympic gold medal.......
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