all you do is talk all the way

ALL YOU DO IS TALK ALL THE WAY...(posted on my blog originally)

All you do is talk all the way...

You consider it a liability, object to be given away
make of it a burden,endorse it for just the right price,
wanting to shrug it off your shoulders,put it on display..
If the market is low, to dispose off,schemes you devise..

You make her a commodity,market her countenance
treat her inferior,land a blow to her self confidence..
take her for granted,make her pay for her acquiescence
do not see the love for you, exploit her patience..

You buy her for a paltry amount,redefine her identity
she holds on to you,while you destroy her individuality..
she takes care of you, your whims fancies and family..
she gives you the greatest joy,blesses your life with her progeny

She is the victim of your amorous desires,your brutality
you dismiss her opinions, thinking of them as only bumpkinly..
you fail to feel her pain, also add to it with your infidelity
deem her unequal,yet take pride in your child, her entity..!

Some of you are low life, deemed to be insane..
you use her, weather her out, then show disdain..
Humanity is far dead,you find a friend in propane..
she burns out in agony, cries but yet does not complain...

Today you raise hue and cry, over a skirt that's high
you sight it as heresy, even brand it blasphemy..
you show concern over her honour? What a lie !
you claim to respect her and brand her desire to be free as mutiny !!!

You christen her as a goddess, preach about her holiness
yet you  pay for romping her,crushing her flower,her purity..
you take from her love,pleasure,peace,joy and her kindness..
in return offer afflictions,impediments,cruelty;push her into obscurity...

I hear you talk today,I hear you talk about her..
I hear you preach, preach about what disrespects her...
I see you enforce rules, how one should be around her..
I see YOU call my intentions unholy, what one should feel for her ... 
I see you,the undercover pimp, telling me how one should live with her...
I know what lies underneath that garb, why you have donned them..
I do not care for you, who are you to dictate terms anyway...
I know you intend no good,All you do is talk all the way...
who are you to  decide my life,it's price,it's worth,it's duration
it's joys,it's freedom,it's dreams,it's ambition...??
Who are you,All you do is talk all the way...
How does your talking matter to me anyway ??


The post comes as the outburst of a girl who has the spirit within her to fight this cruel world. People often talk about culture nudity, sex etc .. w.r.t the honour of the girl in our society ..!!! Nothing against that but what I wonder is ...? Is that all that defines respect,honour and pride of a woman ?? the purity of her body, her virginity ..??? In a society dominated by men and ill treated women ... I think it does ... and there in lies mans greatest hypocrisy...

The more I have lived in this world, the more I have come across incidents of atrocities on women/friends and I could not help but feel pain,disgust and helplessness... Why helplessness ??? Because i realised that even though I do not tread on the path, I will not be able to stop those along with me from treading on it ....  Burning brides, throwing acid on the face , treating them as slaves .. AMPUTATING not only their bodies .. but also their SOULS ...!!
I rarely express such views, If you ask me why .. I would not be able to give a convincing answer .. but I guess I should start maybe I change someones thinking and make them realise what they really are and hope that they change ... maybe when someones post affects me i should not stay quiet .. I should go ahead and further corroborate that post and support the cause
so this was the first attempt on that line ... 

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