Bad vs Worse!

Today I am going to compare bad with worse and you have to choose your one option and tell me why. An adult channel started being aired in a small city. Many people went to the cable operator talking about the impact it would have on the children watching it. And soon it was removed. When one of the famous actors(female)did a bold role in a film many other stars came up to the media criticizing her. Saying how could she do this. Its against the culture and so on. But in both the cases what I would like to say to the concerned is more than an adult channel or a bold role, the things which have a bad impact on children or are against our culture are cheating other people to fill own pockets, making others feel inferior on the basis of the so called caste system, taking a human life, gender bias, treating some jobs down market, showing pride, giving importance to only moneyed people and many more such things which many people do without feeling a single prick of conscience. Its just really awful to have such thinking.

Note: its just comparison of bad with worse not good with bad.

Origin: That's Awful


Si_Lee said…
spot on ...
u knw things like smoking drinking etc .. are small snags in one's character .. they don't define a person.. but these other qualities .. lack of a sense of social equality, gender equality,honesty ... thses are what define us .. but alas the world does not want to discuss these so to divert the attention they bring up and blow out of proportions such issues.. which btw are issues .. but the question is how big ???
Tushar Mangl said…
Character.I think its the strength of the character somewhere that plays the most crucial role in terming things, good,bad, worse,worst.

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