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Rape- an inevitable aspect of our society

Whatever they may be in public Life, Whatever their relations with men, in their relations with women, all men are rapists and that's all they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, their codes."
- Marilyn French, Writer

When I read this phrase put up by Tshhar, I wondered in what exact terms rape is referred to over here. The Wikipedia says it is physical assault.

When I open the newspaper in the morning, there are at least 5-7 news articles regarding rape cases, put on the television, the news channels will be showing the 'natkiya rupantar' of similar news as if they are some entertainment pieces. Not even the tourists are safe in India these days – everyone is aware of the recent Goa and Rajasthan cases. Women are treated low because they are physically weaker than the men; they are unable to match their strength

What we are talking about here is not just the physical assault, but all those things that are levied upon women which torture them physically and psychologically. 'Eve teasing' is not a new term to anyone and I guess no girl- woman- lady on the planet would never have come across it. Get out in the open, get into some public transport, you cannot avoid it. A case of rape with eyes.

Talking about our culture, we have given a respectable place to women in the society. Is it actually so? The anti social activities like, Bal vivah, Sati pratha – still practised in parts of the country, torturing for dowry, female genocide are outcomes of what I ask? Undoubtedly the protocols set by the men of the society to establish their virtue over women and to suppress their kind.

In non metros, a divorcee is looked down upon and a non divorcee not living with her husband is essentially treated as a lose character. Are not they different aspects of rape? With codes made by the society. They rape the innocent- psychologically. They kill them for no reason. Without any of thier fault.

In Islam, a man can get rid of his wife by saying 'talaq' thrice, but a woman no matter how her husband treats her, cannot leave him. With laws they rape the women.

Reference to the history clearly reveals that men have always had a prominent role in the society across the centuries, across the globe leading to suppression of women kind and giving birth to different anti social activities.

Tshhar pointed out that only men are not responsible. I agree. One who accepts initially can never overcome the odds. They are exploited because they never fought against it. Do we want to live in the same conditions or do we want to change, the choice remains ours.

Quoting a very nice one "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent- Elanor Roosevelt."


Si_Lee said…
firstly ISLAM ... you have ur facts wrong .. one the girl can as well .. and 2 its talaq talaq 3 times with one years gap between each time .. the time is given for them to think about it and mend things ..
everything else .. i pretty much agree..
Richa said…
okay.. yeah i know..
women have been given the same right, but it is not acceptable if they get the divorce
Tushar Mangl said…
No No No
How can a female write a better article on the same topic then mine.

There ought to be laws against this :P :D
Priya Joyce said…
many issues raised over here very nicely put up.
I wud only say tat sati pratha bal vivah and then female infanticide are the extremes u hav taken if u go and see any gal in any ordinary Indian family u wud find her being tortured and being prepared for marriage from the age wen u and I must hav just started to attend school.
if every gal decides to show guts to stand against the stupid customs in our society and not to flow with it we wud find some change otherwise nothing is gonna happen.

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