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Ok here comes my first post here

SmS of the Day:
The Worst thing in life is ATTACHMENT. It hurts wen u lose it. D bst thing in lyf is Loneliness, because bcoz it teaches u everything n wen u lose it, u get everything.


c'est la vie said…
hey first of all, thankx for your thankness.

ur this sms is really touching. and actually very close to my life.

btw, you're really welcome to my blog. and ther's a surprise for you there.
Akansha Agrawal said…
You can't be lonely always... and it hurts too!
Tushar Mangl said…
Heya c'est
Couldnt find which one of your three blogs should i visit for the surprise.
Thanks anyways.
It really hurts. Pain and Experiences *Sighs*
tamanna said…
Actually wen we lose it we indirectly get attachmet jst goes round n round in a circle or an ellipse...

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