Happy Lohri

Happy Lohri the Jagruk people!!

Lohri is a festival of kites in Punjab and it celebrates the departure of winters.

So with this post, I guess, it is the time to say good bye to the slumber the blog has been into. Being an administrator (thanks to Tushar), I have come up with an idea or two to spread the awareness- the Jagruti.

Here at Jagruti, we mean to have a platform to voice the opinions of youth of the country over the social issues. We are all concerned and feel strongly about those issues, and would want to stand against them and uproot them to make the air in our society worth breathing. We know, we are the youth and we can not only voice, but do things to create a difference.

So, we have come up with a scaffold where the readers and members can post their queries, perplexities, and issues bothering them (for love problems, may be we can have another thread) and ask for solutions, advices and seek recommendations from the members of the blog.

For beta purpose, we are starting this thread on the orkut community of the blog. The link is here. Do visit, spread the awareness among your friends too.

And, this is not all, here is a badge for every member of the team Jagruti, we can flaunt it at our respective blogs and invite other members too.

For joining into the blog and write for it, please leave your mail ids at the chat box of the blog.

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