A Reason to Pray...

My search goes on, seemingly vain…
Traumatic times are a regular phase.
For at each turn, I behold only pain.
Oh why should my people see such days?

I see my land bathed in innocents' blood…
I fear her future is decreed thus bleak.
As I await His light – the cleansing flood. 
I remain entranced by this surreal mystique.

I hear a moan, I hear a cry…
The land is too blood-soaked to till.
As we wait for it all to dry; 
The twisted folk deem more blood, to spill!

What times are these, which we live in…?
Beneath clouds so dark and skies so grey.
I listen’d to tales of the Devil’s grin…
And unto Frey, did I turn to pray.

O Lord! May Thy rule stay Divine…
For our hours on ye Earth are entirely Thine.
I pray – as this sun sets in decline, 
It brings peace upon this beloved land of mine!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam
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