My name is Adarsh Sharma I wanted to book 3 tatkal tickets today for 14 May 2009 from Delhi to Bngalore for 3 adult passangers (Mohan Sharma, Male, 56; Usha Sharma, Ambuj Sharma, Females, 52 yrs) sharp till 8:00 PM today. 48 tatkal tickets were available and the moment I pressed the button to book the ticket I got a message on the IRCTC website stating service unavilable. After that whatever I did the website kept showing service unavailable message infact the IRCTC website would not open for the next 10 minutes and same message would be displayed. After 10 minutes when the website opened all the tickets were sold out. We had to attend to a family death situation and we are not able to book tickets.
I fail to understand why the message popped up when I was on time to book the tickets and when tickets were available. Was the website purposefully disabled so people cannot book tickets online and some agent could book them over the counter. If that is the case then it amounts to unfair treatment to the customers using IRCTC to book tickets. What is the point of having an internet booking system if you are going to block the site at the nick of time and allow agents to book tickets in bulk over the counter.
This is very very disappointing and you cannot take away your responsibility by stating that there was a technical problem, because since 7 PM in the morning there was no technical problem on the dot at 8PM when the tatkal booking starts the problem starts - how do you explain this.
I demand and request and explanation and a solution to my problem as I am now unable to book tickets.
A copy of this complaint is also sent to Consumer Forum through Jagruti and I hope either of you will provide justice in this matter and give us an alternate solution
Adarsh Sharma
98804 72640
080 4162230
Copy to: Consumer Forum (Consumer Affairs Department), Team Jagruti (Jago Grahak Jago)