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Getting Started with C++

Upper case can only be used for identifiers. They should be unique in program but same name identifier in upper case and lower case are same.

Reserve words have to be used in context of their predefined meanings and cannot be used as identifier.

Each C++ function should have main functions because it is the first function
Group of 4 bits is null
Normalization is a process in which decimal point is shifted from its place to and shifted to most non significant non zero that mantissa x with base of number system and raised to powers required no. which is known as exponent. This is a general, used in representing real nos. in the computers.

The Sequence of directories name separated by a path separator in order to access a file or direct a path name can also include the drive and direct and subsequent directories needed to read the file.
Switches - Change the Output
Library *
<<<<<<<< .................... >>>>>>

Sum of First 5 Natural Numbers

10 a = 1
20 b = 2
30 c = 3
40 d= 4
50 e= 5
60 S = a+b+b+c+d+e
70 Print S

<<<<<<<< .......................... >>>>>>>>>>>

Square of Cube of any given number

10 a = 2
20 S = a*a
30 c = a*a*a
40 Print S, c

<<<<<<<< ............ >>>>>>>>>

Program to know which is greater
1) Read a
2) If a = 10
Print 'Yes you are right"
+. -. *,/, %
Write an alorthim
Find No, in postive or negative
odd and even

1. Read a
2. If a > = 0
"It is positive"
print "It is negative"


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