I am a Racist..

Now a days, after the abusive attacks on Indian students in Australia got highlighted media attention. Everyone is talking about how racist Australians are, or are not. Some of the more enlightened gentry pointed out that racism is not limited to Australia, it is widespread and well documented even to the present day. Current England, America or any of the other countries is not insulated from discrimination. Even right back here, racism is very prominent amongst the tolerant Indians.There were some documented cases of racism in India, both negative and positive. Students from African nations complained of being loathed at

even in the colleges where they studied in India while gore log said,they were given preferential treatment but just as well considered to be easy to be taken to bed.I do not know whether the attacks on the students in Australia was my by comrades.

Because under the circumstances those attackers could just as well have been, people who had just lost their jobs and livelihood and were looking for someone to blame. With the risingglobal economic powers of India and a general media created perception
that any job lost anywhere in the globe on the pretext of cost savings
has just been Banglored. Accompanied by the facts that Indian diaspora
in Australia is fast rising in the local social and political circles
to prominence. A few of such attack even though specifically aimed at
Indian nationals, not just people with brown skins was inevitable. But I would rather call it, the hiccups of a bumpy ride to increased world recognition of India as an unstoppable Goliath in the world economy,than anything racial. I beseech such so called racists from damning my true compatriots who serve to a much more prime vial purpose.Which said, we human are social by nature and in the times of scarcity of resources or under attack from other groups (or tribes) we will fight as one to safeguard what is ours and everyone of us while eliminating every other social transgressor.

And no matter how hard any of you enlightened folks try to eliminate me and my fellow soldiers, we are at the very core of human nature.Instinct of survival has evolved around us. You may suppress us for awhile, during the times of abundance but the worse you make the situation for yourself. The stronger we get.

Sent in to us by email by Puneet Piyush
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Tushar Mangl


Bharathi said...

Good post. I appreciate if someone stop accusing and understand the root of the problem. I also wrote a post in similar lines http://jagruti.orangy.in/2009/06/am-i-racist.html.
Nice to meet a fellow ideologist.

Si_Lee said...

I second the reason stated above .. makes more sense and is logical as well...

Ann Dee said...

Only yesterday I read in TOI what the older generation of NRIs look at the issue... They say the young Australian Indians are losing themselves by the day into arrogance, pride..trying to ape another culture without understanding the essence etc.

Basically saying, it can be our Indian's fault too...did you consider?