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This sad plight of our national news channels is really worth pondering .

A one hour show on Shah Rukh Khan being molested in the USA, Rakhi Sawant swayamvar being telecast of national news channel , Prince a small boy from Kurukshetra trapped in a hole , these are just a few stories presented on our national news channels . This sad plight of our national news channels is really worth pondering .

Is it the dearth of news or just a publicity stunt to promote the TRPs. News channels stoop to new lows with each passing day. Theses days they ll telecast anything and everything but news. They hate to present news but instead take pride in interviewing a publicity hungry star(actor).News of film star marrying somebody , teasing somebody, or worse still the color of his underwear is being shown to the citizens. As it is the entertainment channels are full of crap that whenever an individual wants to escape from them , news channels welcomes them by one foolish act of one form or another.

Media has always been sighted as a reason for our working democracy and the print media still remains a potent force but one cant say the same about the 24 hour news channels .India gives the Right to Speech to everyone of its citizens .We don’t follow any kind of censorships(except for deleting the explicit content ) .Anybody in India can write whatever he or she feels like . The government of the day can’t or prohibit him at least in principle. But it does not mean that we misuse the liberty that has been bestowed on us.

News Readers and his teammates must take responsibility as mature citizens to telecast the appropriate . The main aim of the news channels is to inform the citizens of what is happening in India and across the world .Who the hell is interested in watching a cribbing Saas Bahu serial on a news channel

Maybe they reason that they don’t have enough substance to telecast for 24 hours continuously, well in that case they might resort to some discretion and get off air until some news pops up or a more practical solution could be that each news channel be allotted a time slot .During this slot it is required to telecast the news and happenings of the world and India .In this way news channels get a fair share and the common man also gets respite from the bullshit items .by doing this news quality would improve and the media person would start respecting our democracy and our freedom of speech

But if these solutions are too harsh then they could resort to showing some meaningfull documentaries , inspiring stories of individuals who made it good despite the odds. in their free time Something meaningful , something inspiring is always welcome and it would also improve there much needed trps

Media has always been considered as a potent force .24 Hour channels should not be treated as a corporate business house where in the profit generation is the ultimate motive. It seems these channels get started up with political backing , but due to lack of news theses people start showing cows , buffaloes , anything which comes in front of the camera

Lets leave entertainment to Bollywood , Tollywood and Hollywood .and concentrate on presenting good news for once at least
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