Writing for difficult topics

Every writer has a specific preference of topic or genre, for which he/she can write very well. Also, a writer knows about the topics for which he/she is not at all comfortable with.

One of the broadest genres, for which several writers feel uncomfortable, is also a genre which spins up a lot of money. I am talking of adult articles, mostly which are good paying blogs. At several sites I see ads for writing blogs for adult sites, which are extremely voluminous in nature. And have lucrative pays too. I was wondering just yesterday that how can one single writer write 500 erotic blogs per month. (I came across an ad for the same, where a person was looking for a writer).

This also reminds of a conversation, with a prospective client, to whom I asked (as we all do, in our first or second conversations) about the topics we would need to cover. "Don't worry, we wont give you adult topics", he said, and I was like, oh, ok.

And so, today's website which I am going to inform you all is
of Adult Content Writers, who are a bunch of people, specializing in this genre of writing.

I personally feel, that their is nothing so immoral in writing such stuff, like some writers claim. Yes, I will not like to take it up, for the same reason I wont like to write a piece of technology. That is that I don't like/enjoy the topic.

A writer friend suggests that I should place up my own pic somewhere here on this blog. I am not much game for it, but definatley would like to here your opinions on it.


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