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VIP – 1

These are heads of state, ministers and international celebraties.


1. A full bar set up (whisky, gin, rum, vedka, brandy). Aperitif, beer, soft drinks, mixers, mineral water and salted nuts.
2. A large flower arrangement.
3. A platter of chocolate.
4. Petit fours.
5. A large fruit lasket.
6. A platter of cookies.
7. A platter of dry fruits.
8. Personalised stationary.


1. Bath role with guest initials.
2. Lowelling slippers.
3. Bubble bath.
4. A tray of a sorted soaks.
5. Moisturizers’
6. After shave lotion.
7. Bathroom kit, toothbrush, toothpaste.
8. Disposalile razor and shaving cream.
9. Bud vase.
10. Weighing scale and exerasing cycles.

VIP – 2

These are presidents of large companies, to people in hotel’s own company onliossadors and well known persondities.


1. A partial bar setup with 2 spirits, beer, soft drinks and mineral water.
2. A medium sized flower arrangement.
3. A medium sized fruit basket.
4. A platter of chocolates.
5. Persnalized stationary.


1. Bath role.
2. Lowelling skippers.
3. Bud vase
4. Bubble bath
5. Moisturizers.
6. After shave lotion.
7. Bathroom kit.
8. Disposable razor and shaving cream.

VIP – 3

These are regular guests and crew members.


1. Bath role.
2. Lowe ling slippers.
3. Bud vase
4. Bubble bath.
5. Bathroom kit.

VIP – 4

These are group leaders, tour leaders and journalists.


1. Small flower arrangement.
2. Small fruit basket.
3. Soft drinks.


1. Bath role.
2. Bathroom slippers.
3. Bathroom kit.


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