IF smoking is injurious, it is for everyone.

I had taken this picture zooming my camera from my window seat in a train i was traveling near Agra Cantt. station while travelling back from Kota. What was going through my mind at that point of time was the nonchalance of that unknown woman. She was lighting her bidi, sitting outside her home. But then what made me click the picture was the thing which upsets me is targetting the youth, the hypocritical behavior of people who have a problem if the young are smoking and say 'its okay' when they smoke. Now this woman in the picture is not young and urban or a woman living independently on her own. SO don't just target the young and independent for smoking. If smoking is an issue , don't say its bad when a young woman or a young smokes. One cannot say that 'these young women are into smoking because they are living alone, they have money to spend and noone is to stop.' This may be the reason but then what is the reason for the woman smoking in the picture?
Smoking is injurious for everyone's health, whether its a man or a woman, a teenage or an old person and its better not to target any one segment or one particular gender.
This is my opinion which may be liked or disliked.
- Shaista Dhandha
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