PTU - BBA - Advertising and Sales Promotion

Paper ID - [B0151]
BBA - (BB -803)(SO5) (LE) (Sem- 6th)

Advertising and Sales Promotion

Time: 03 hours Maximum Marks - 75

Instructions to Candidates:

1) Section - A is compulsory.
2) Attempt any nine questions from Section - B.

Section - A
Q-1) (15*2= 30)
a) Marketing Communication.
b) A hierarchy of effects model.
c) quick Decision Model.
d) Consumer advertising.
e) Press advertising.
f) Industrial Advertising.
g) Advertising Copy.
h) Visualization.
i) Copy Layout.
j) Brand Equity.
k) T.V. and Radio Advertising.
l) Media Planning.
m) Media Scheduling.
n) Sales Displays.
0) Merchandising.

Section - B ( 9*5 = 45)

Q-2) Explain Briefly different models of marketing communication.
Q-3) Discuss role of advertising in marketing.
Q-4) Explain different kinds of advertising.
Q-5) Discuss process of creative visualization.
Q-6) Discuss principles of good layout.
Q-7) Discuss essentials of a radio advertisement.
Q-8) Highlight Basic requirements of a television advertisement.
Q-9) Discuss importance of media planning.
Q-10) What is media scheduling. Discuss principles of media scheduling.
Q-11) Explain basic characteristics of sales management.
Q-12) Explain basic requirements for success in selling.
Q-13) Discuss legal and ethical aspects of advertising.


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