PTU - Equity Research and Portfolio Management

Paper ID [B0135]

BBA (BB - 704) (S05) (LE) ( Sem - 6th)

Equity Research and Portfolio Management

Time: 03 hours Maximum Marks - 75

Instruction to Candidates:

1) Section - A is compulsory.
2) Attempt any 9 questions from Section - B.

Section - A

Q1) (15*2=30)

a) Put option.
b) Warrants.
c) Stock Index Futures.
d) Long Term Securities.
e) Clearing House.
f) Point and Figure Chart.
g) Japanese Candle Stick Chart.
h) Moving Averages.
i) Head and Shoulder Pattern.
j) Risk of a portfolio.
k) Unsystematic risk.
l) Diversification.
m) Mutual Funds.
n) SEBI.
0) Managed Portfolios.

Section - B (9*5 = 45)

Q-2 Explain the rationale of futures and options.
Q-3 Write a detailed note on Index Futures.
Q-4 Write a note on long term securities.
Q-5 Explain option value determination.
Q-6 Explain merits and demerits of technical analysis.
Q-7 Explain Dow theory.
Q-8 Discuss efficient market hypothesis.
Q-9 Explain the concept and process of portfolio analysis.
Q-10 Discuss the advantages of managed portfolios.
Q-11 Discuss various types of mutual funds.
Q-12 Explain capital asset pricing model.
Q-13 What is the significance of Beta in portfolio selection?

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