13th December, 2009

Life is pretty boring. As always.
Kya karen, kuch samajh nai aata. M does not even talk to me anymore and I had consoled myself that maybe God had sent K so that I be friends with N or M. But humse kaun baat karta hai. Rab sabka khayal rkhta hai, bas mujhse hi koi narazgi lagti hai. Samajh nai aata, when will I be free from these shackles. Mostly psychological which have mushroomed all around me. Lots of which maybe my own self - created, may be which no one could ever help resolve. What can be the solution? Problem galore and the kind of helplessness I am dealing with them is very very difficult.

That was something written several months ago. And speaking of old times and old days, I am going to recommend a blog extinct years ago. It is called Journal My Christmas . The format and presentation of the blog pulled me towards it. 30 days of Christmas, chronicled very well. Must for regular bloggers to take a sneak peak.


tamanna said…
nice blog:-)
hmmm...maybe your own self created only Tushar...

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