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Who needs the government?

Simple question. Before reading further, think about it. Government is basically a body of people, who collect money from the masses in form of taxes and perform various functions to make life smooth and simple for people.

In modern day India, especially which is a socialist economy, we have a failed system. A total collapse of anything that should be called the government. Consider this. At central level, we have a government. At state level, we have state governments and then their are the zila parishads, municipal corporations etc.

We vote for a body but what exactly these people do? More importantly why do we need to pay the taxes?

1) Electricity. Privatize it. That's the nation's call. After it has happened in Mumbai and Delhi, from transmission to production of electricity, private players are jumping in.

2) Water. Privatize it. Yes, shortage of water all over India is raising a call for the capitalists to take some money and provide the Goddamm water in a proper sensible way.

3) Roads. We pay toll taxes on highways after every few kilometers. We pay road taxes. Why the hell we need a government if we got to pay and go? We could have hired our own contractor and paid him off. Instead of involving the government and then paying the contractor anyway. (Point can be noted here that our MPs, ministers and MLAs are exempted to pay any toll tax).

Let me see what else can be essential to life in our country. Education? Private universities are much better than the government ones, which are only cheap and have a vintage goodwill which pulls students towards them. We still need more private money for education.

Railways and Airways have seen government role to be played to mess them up at amazing levels. Our railways minister does not like her Delhi office and Airline minister gets flights diverted on whims of his daughter. Even if you ignore these things as we always do in our country, both are in mess. Huge mess. Same with waterways.

So why do we need governments, when ultimately we have to ask capitalists for help?

When we start trusting in their services, despite the fact that we hate their guts.

We saw it in telephone sector. In housing sector. In banking and finance sector. We saw that we were more at ease with private players than the government. We also know how badly our tax money is used.

After all these are the very promises done by the politicians in elections. Bijli sadak pani. Electricity, roads and water top the list on any netajie's agenda. If a corporate guy has to be thrust upon us, so that he makes money then why do we need the neta?

So think of the question again and do answer in the comment box.


tamanna said…
hmmm...thoughtful hai...kaafi extent tak convincing bhi...but koi bhi...bilkul bhi koi bhi authority na ho toh there can be even more mayhem also...but definitely, private ko more space denna is a nice idea...if that is the politians allow it to happen, since its a risk to their own pockets

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