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Feelings on a reunion at School

The other day, a friend informed about reunion happening at our alma mater. The internet is a forest land and in the jungles of Facebook, news was spreading around like a wildfire.

And it was yet another occasion to stop work and feel nostalgic about school life. The good and the bad of it. I always try to look upon the positive side and I feel, if not very happy memories, my school did grant me a lot of knowledge. I learned a lot. And I would be always grateful for the education and knowledge that my School gave me.

But as much I try to push away the not so pleasant memories, a few embarrassing moments, some memories I am uncomfortable with, to date, all these do come back. It is like being aware of the tiny specks of dust on your desk, but you chose to ignore it, feeling you would take care of it, at later stage. Or you wipe clean it, but still it rushes back, the next day.

In the midst of these fuzzy thoughts and unending nostalgia, I see a very obvious question. Should I attend this reunion or not? Perhaps it is best not to arrive at a party where you are the unwanted guest. After all I was never famous or well known amongst my peers. I doubt, whether people their would acknowledge my presence.
On the other hand, what if, certain people may recall the good old days. Life is all about the good small moments. Isn't it. Also, should I not now, go and confront my own demons and erase any signs of insecurity that may be creeping in.

What was your school life like? Was it fun and amazing? Or boring and uninteresting? Do share.

PS: If you have also attended Sacred Heart Convent Senior Secondary School like me, do note that registration is to happen on 25th and 26th of September. The date for the event is 21st November.
You can also register or gain more details from

Although the registration on the website is an awfully slow and long process. They are yet to activate my account.


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