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Is you tube the next blogging platform?

Is you tube taking over as a blogging space?
I wonder this, because in past few months I am really enjoying a lot of time on you tube.

And I found that, a lot of experiences that you could write here, or rant about stuff here on our blogs, you can do it on you tube, with more fun and more spice.

People are using their handy cam and video cam and web cams to record while they rant off stuff. Also, at many a times the personal moments, that you could later blog about, can now be video graphed and immediately pulled up on you tube.

So actually, the same thing we do on blogging, we can do now on you tube and more. For, while you are speaking or narrating, you can add up a lot more than you are writing.

But their is a lot of featured or dramatized ranting and story telling too. Balaji telefilms recently launched bol niti bol, a series of videos where a young girl talks about her life.
There are too many English versions of such concepts too. Like lonely girl 15.
One that I really like is the great actor, Shammi Kapoor's channel. Here, in a web series termed Shammi Kapoor Unplugged, the veteran actor, talks about his experiences in a story telling narration. Something akin to may be what we would write on our blogs.

So is you tube all set to change, we the bloggers' lives? I think it shall take some more time, but it will happen one day soon.
Not all of us, are still very comfortable speaking and recording over our webcams. But the coming generation of bloggers shall definitely follow that. That is my view.
What do you think about it? Do pen down your thoughts in the comments section.
Thank you :)


Jacqui Dobens said…
I definitely think Vlogs (VideoLogs) are here to stay. Gary V in his book Crush It rose to acclaim via his Vlog. It's very similar to our sense of feeling like we know t.v. & movie personalities because we see them. We gauge their demeanor, inflections, facial expressions,etc. I have several you tube channels. You can check me out at where I have several motivational movies. I definitely think that the more mediums we communicate in the better. Type, audio (podcast) & Vlog. It reaches various preferred communication styles. I never thought of it this clearly before it actually motivates me to do all three more. Thank you for that!
Jacqui Dobens

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