Economy Rise-Does it benefit all?

The economies are on the rise,
what do they show,human rise?
or rise of some humans in tide.

why economy rise doesn't raise wages?
why the low-paid worker still rages.
what should i call it human ignorance?,
or people over-privileged, only get chance.

why the poverty is so widespread, like disease
while the urban population lives in luxurious seas

We are going for more industrialization
but what is missing is equalization,
of resources, of money, of rights, of society.
Sword nor pen, just human choice is mighty.

So,if India is the largest democracy, and in rise,
then why its farmer families have to commit suicide?


I am a simple yet intelligent person with a beautiful mind and larger view of the world.  Profession-wise I am a software developer and look at coding as something comparable to an art. I think earning for living is just a part of life and one should not make it his/her whole life. Life is far bigger than just earning and settling down. It is also about learning about life, yourself, nature, universe and the creator of the universe. I Believe in the divine nature of the world. I spend a lot of time thinking about life's questions. People think of me as a loner and a quiet person (which is to some extent true) but I am also open to ones who are close to my heart. Intelligent yet dumb, demotivated but passionate, impatient yet a lot of patience inside, busy minded yet blank at the same time, loving my self and hating me at the same time, trying to climb the ladder of hope.


Tushar Mangl said...

So true ...

we are not really progressing

Towards reclamation said...



a nice take on the burning issues...

very true the gap between India and Bharat is getting more n more.

Renu said...

we are agricultural society and so our govt has to give more importance to this sector and help them in getting their dues.