Where art thou?? Oh! enlightened ones!!!!!

Sitting on a desk, having gone through hundreds of profiles and tens of interviews, literally pulling his hair out he gives up for the day. On his way back home, driving through the little deserted streets of the city he ponders upon his plight. He rues the scarcity of capable people in his country. Its been days and he hasn't been able to find them. Where are they? Where are these illustrious Indians he wonders. "Have I gone blind or is it a nationwide conspiracy to bring down my venture?"

He sits back on his chair and ponders on his laptop screen superficially going through the social lives of his "friends" on social networking sites. He comes across articles of how proud we should be that X% of Indians are in the NASA, on the moon in a NASA mission, in the pentagon and hell one of them( his acquaintances) has joined the US marines!!! The updates start to irk till he comes across one where a "fellow countryman" is talking about the various scams the country has recently seen and starts a discussion on what should be done and how unscrupulous people are, how ill mannered and erratic life here is and how minimal the returns are etc.

Right about then it starts to erupt. Something snaps within and he asks himself, "Where are these people who talk so well and so intelligently about our country? Oh! wait, they are all abroad!" . Having thought this he retired to his bed hoping that tomorrow he would find someone, at least one capable person.


A once worshiped man, now forgotten here and worshiped everywhere else in the world including countries like Germany, had said "be the change you want to see in the world." Nobody wants to get their hands dirty but wants to see the dirt cleaned up. Nobody does it and asks why isn't it being done. I have nothing against people pursuing greater comforts under the pretense that they cant be had here, but the least you can spare me is the sermons on the country that belongs to us but I reside in. I am sorry I know no other way of saying this but just saying it. Pursue your dreams be happy, i have no grievances but please don't sermon about this place. I am here, fighting and i might either make it or may break down and join you people. I am not a great man. But the day I join i will make sure that i don't give sermons...
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