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The end of the year post

I have this queer habit to clean up my files and wardrobes on the onset of every  new  year. As I flip through some old letters and my own handwritten notes, I am forced to recall old times which I would so love to forget but never will have the resolve too. So here I am writing the year end post while tearing old papers and drinking hot soup (Of course the music is also on at full volume and Atif Aslam is singing Doorie).

Mankind has passed through yet another year. Its time to get new calendars and to form a new habit of writing 13 in the date column instead of 12. Seriously, I almost confuse the years while writing dates at least the first two months of any new year.

Sitting atop dead bodies of my own over realistic ambitions and dreams, I look back at this year as a really eventful year. 2012 marked new lows and downfalls in career, relations and life. How I wish time could be like a whiteboard where we can write with all our colors and erase everything ugly spick and span.

The biggest high point was extension of family and forming of my own library. That is something huge. Financially the year was disappointing. And when finances nose dive so does friendships and relations. Another disappointment was not publishing my own book. But if I learned something from this year, it was to let go. It has never been very difficult for me to let go but this year the resolve only got stronger.

Any new year resolutions? No thank you. New Year resolutions are meant for fifth grade kids. But lets say publishing that book is still a priority. Nothing much. Just hoping for a smooth comfortable year without the ferocious bumps and bruises.

Wishing you all a very Happy new Year


shaista dhanda said…
Hey Tushar,I love reading your blog and I take this opportunity to thank you for being my motivational friend who made me start my own blog. Thank you and a happy new year. Love-shaista

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