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Book Review - God is a Gamer

I really admire the writing style of Ravi Subramanian and his book Devil in Pinstripes is one of my favorite books. His latest book God is a Gamer is another stupendous work of writing enthralling its readers all the way. The writer takes us across the globe, New York, Goa, New Delhi each destination raising the pitch of suspense and mystery.

The financial angle common to all his books is present in this one too. It starts off with heads of two multi billion companies, Joseph Saunders and Vijay Banga meeting up. What's so unusual about them meeting up? Well, Vijay is the head of Master Card and Joseph head of Visa. Two intense rivals vying for that same share of the market. But circumstances force them to meet up, circumstances that could prove very bad for both of them and thier companies.It isin this phase that they take a decision. And m
The story revolves around Aditya Rao,a former banker and Varun who happens to be his son. One runs a gambling firm which is suffering losses and Varun the drug dealer could very well save his father's stumbling enterprise. He is has a love interest in Tanya, daughter of the chairperson of NYIB in in India who knows Aditya well.

I am not going into the story plot in detail, for that would spoil your interest in the story. This book is best enjoyed, read slowly and enjoyed till the end. The author has researched his subject well and the extensive study reflects in the book as well.

Best suited for young population in between ages of 21 to 40.if you are a fan of Ravi Subramaniam's work you won't be disappointed.

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