Surge Pricing By Indian Railways

At a time when the society is discouraging surge pricing by taxi operators, the Indian Railways  has shocked one and all by asserting its monoplistic structure. 

It has introduced surge pricing, on so called premium trains even though they are actually overpriced shoddy trains which are preferred by people mostly due to the alternates. The last time I travelled in a Shatabadi, the window in the toilet was absent. Instead they had fixed a paper carton like the ones we use for packaging to fill in the gap. The alternate trains are more shoddy have a poor time table and very badly managed. In most of such trains the tickets are not even checked properly. Thus allowing more indiscipline and chaos. So, by the reason of railways, since it is a monopoly why not loot people in the name of surge pricing? And what better time than the festive season when people are going home to bring this measure in?

The central government was expected to bring in effeciency to railways to cut down expenses. Also remove corruption and punish those indulging in wrong practices. Instead it has resorted to grandstanding and to increase prices to cover for the sloth in the railways. 


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