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Rule The Rolls Galleria Market DLF Phase 4 Gurgaon

Sons of the owner of Khan Chacha have started this awesome place called Rule the Rolls at the Galleria Market in Gurgaon. I say awesome for its Greek and Mediterranean inspired blue colored interiors.

Apparently the owners of Khan Chacha had tied up with a big investor with deep pockets who eventually pocketed their brand too. While the case is sub-judice, they have opened their own shop to keep the family tradition of roll making going. Brothers Salim and Javed run this business jointly. 

I tried the mutton roll and the chicken roll both were soft and good. Osman the man running the kitchen comes across as a skilled and knowledgeable person who understands the intricacies of crafting that perfect non-vegetarian food. Although they do have vegetarian options, I recommend this place to the meat lovers. Especially because of the Tikkas which are soft and warm. 

I also liked the boat-shaped areca nut leaf gravy bowls in which they serve generous quantities of mint and yogurt chutney and sliced onions. Something which should always accompany the roles.

They have not started home delivery yet, something which I suggested the management do ASAP for the demand for home delivery would be quite high.

For drinks, they have the usual soft drinks menu along with juices and iced tea. They also whip up the right curd lassi which is way different from the usual Chach lassi you get everywhere. Curd lassi is thick and goes well with all the meat you want to gorge on at this place. However, the iced tea and lassi were not as cold as the weather outside wanted them to be.

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