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Lokarpan - Rediscovering the Miracle of the Millet with Miraculous Millet

Millets are the wonder grains of India. They had been with us, since more than 5000 years but left ignored for long. Let’s come together and accept these Millets for the prosperity of Indian farmers and our good health.The Miraculous Millet is bringing the lost glory of the wonder grain back to our daily lives.

The event Lokarpan focussed on the healthy grains and a panel discussion was held wherein points discussed ranged from Culinary and Nutritional aspects of millets to importance of millet to farmers, economy, and society in general.


The importance of Millet can be gauged from the fact that they can be grown with minimal resources and no insecticides or pesticides are required for them. They also prove to be water effective as their requirement is way less than other crops. So if you look from the farmer's perspective, even if he/she is constrained by resources can grow a crop which is healthy and useful.


From the society's perspective too it is much better. Most of the grains we eat today are over-processed. A process that robs them off most of their nutritional qualities. Millets not being processed as much retain their health benefits. Gluten free, they are also good for people suffering from diabetes.

This was followed by the official launch of the product range of Miraculous Millet with great enthusiasm and optimism that a great step has been taken to promote a healthy alternative to all the processed flour and grains we are consuming on daily basis.

Post the event, Chef Sabyasachi Roy treated us all to a scrumptious meal, using Millet as a common ingredient. I especially loved the Ragi Halwa.

Miraculous Millet is a social enterprise that aims to provide economic security to small and marginal farmers through conservation and promotion of indigenous crops. It is part of Wooden Spoon Agro Pvt Ltd. that aims to provide economic security to small and marginal farmers through conservation and promotion of indigenous crops. They have established a small processing unit at Seoni district and have around 120 farmers as partners.


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