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The Classroom - Sector 29 - Gurgaon

 The Classroom and St. Martin's Brew Pub at Sector 29 brings in a school themed ambiance with added goodness of liquor.  It is spread over four floors, including a basement and a rooftop terrace with ample seating capacity and a great venue for get-togethers.

I went there with family for a birthday dinner and chose to sit on the rooftop. This is a nice, quite place to relax and enjoy good food. The sitting is benches and picnic tables and goes well with the theme. The ramu kaka ki canteen, a signboard you see over the bar is a fantastic touch. In the basement too they are coming up with nice wall drawings on student life. The serving staff is also dressed up in school uniform like finery.


This place has a huge micro brewery which churns out some great thick beer. I tried three of the Beers on the list, White, Dark, and Triple. Triple has a strong taste and increased alcoholic content. It is also a house specialty. But I liked Dark Beer the best of the lot.



So we mostly focussed on snacks and quick eats to go with our drinks.  The staff recommended Scotch eggs, which are fried boiled eggs with a coating of minced chicken. I would recommend this too, especially with Beer. 
Chicken Veepudu - Typical South Indian style chicken with Andhra Masala
Classroom Masala Chicken
Chicken 65
Marghi na Farcha - The best amongst the lot - A parsi chicken recipe cooked to perfection.
Tai Chi Chicken - Your basic chili chicken cooked in a different style
I didn't like the Harissa Chicken much. The others were way better. The fish is also good here.


The chef's special, when I visited was the choco lava cake. Prepared fresh, it oozes out some great chocolate sauce when opened up. Served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, it is a great delight for sweet lovers.

A great place to chill out with a unique theme and a strong culinary display. The music and the decor adds to the vibe of the place. The service is also par excellence. Large spaces makes it a spacious and comfortable place.

The Classroom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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