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Creating Healthy Eating Habits For Your Child

Getting our kids to eat healthy and nutritious meals is probably one of parenthood’s biggest challenges. It would seem that children have some innate aversion to vegetables and anything green (except green candy, of course). So before you start driving yourself crazy trying to find creative ways to sneak veggies into their diet or spending precious minutes cutting up their food into fun shapes in the hopes of tempting them to give it try, the solution may actually be a lot simpler. You. Your example is what your children will follow. Just as this appeals to behavior and making good choices in life, so will your child’s food preferences depend on you. You are your child’s most important role model!

Our society as a whole is moving in the direction of healthier eating and making healthier lifestyle choices. The use of dietary supplements has increased as we try to make sure we are getting the very best and consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to function. Research Verified reviews will tell you more about what to look out for in a supplement. Working out as a family has also become hugely popular and you will find many great videos online that involve your children in the activity. It is all about leading by example and showing your kids how to make healthy choices. This is same with food and getting your children to eat well.

#1 Do As You Say  

Eat the foods that you would like your children to be eating. Sit around the dinner table together and all eat the same food. Don’t make a million different options to satisfy everyone, but try serve at least one option that you know your child will like. You don’t want to turn dinnertime into a battlefield but you don’t want to be a short-order cook either. Also, let your child see you snacking on vegetables and fruit.

#2 Meal Plan Together    

Talk to your child about nutrition and the different food groups. Discuss what makes a balanced meal and decide on meals for the week based on these guidelines. Ask your child about their preferences and offer them choices. Take your child grocery shopping with you; a scary thought, but a good educational opportunity. Here, they will be able to see all the options and learn about healthy and unhealthy choices. Teach your child about where our food comes from. It is very concerning that some children actually do not know what a tomato or a potato is.

#3 Don’t Reward With Food

Avoid your child developing an unhealthy relationship with food by not using it as a reward or a way to make them feel better. Food should only be for nutrition. If your child falls down and scrapes their knee, there is no need to give them a cookie - a hug and kiss will work just as well. This same rule applies to dessert. Don’t make dessert the reward for eating their food. This implies that the meal is not as good. If dessert was always part of the meal, don’t take it away as a punishment. Dessert also doesn’t always need to be cake; a yogurt drink or fruit can work too.

#4 Offer Healthy Snacks

Don’t expect children to follow the same eating pattern of an adult with three full meals and no eating between them. Children are growing and their stomachs are small, so when they say they are hungry between meals, this is probably true. Offer small healthy snacks between meals such as cut up veggies, apple chips, cut up fruit, a yogurt, or healthy muffins. This will also help avoid any meltdowns and have your child more willing to try new foods at mealtimes. 

When it comes to getting your child to eat healthy food, the solution lies with you. You set the example for what is acceptable and what isn’t. Involving your child in the meal planning and the cooking is also more likely to develop their interest in the food. Make mealtimes bonding time!


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