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Style your Leather Jacket in these 5 fabulous ways

Style your Leather Jacket in these 5 fabulous ways

Hello everyone,there are certain wardrobe essentials for every girl out there and I am sure, just like me, you think leather jacket is one of them. It is a very versatile item of clothing and can be paired up with a number of things for chic, stylish and stunning look.Also, you can pair it up with a variety of footwear like: boots, high heels, sneakers or flats. Let us check out some ways to rock that leather jacket like a diva! BTW, if you do not already own one, why don't you go online shopping right away and buy one!

  1. Team up Leather jacket with Ripped jeans
Pairing up your Leather jacket with ripped denims renders you a peppy look. All you need to complete the look is a stylish pair of footwear, a cool handbag and you are good to go! It is the most casual yet stylish look that will suit everyone regardless of height or built. Also, you can try boyfriend jeans instead of ripped one as well and complete the look with makeup.
  1. Throw in a scarf
Scarves are a great way to pep up the leather jackets. Leather jackets are generally in a single color like Black, tan Brown, Blue or Beige. Adding a scarf give a basic layering to your jacket while adding a refreshing pop of colour. Each time you wear the jacket, use scarfs with different prints and in different colours to achieve a refreshingly new look each time.
  1. Add some chunky Accessories
Accessories can instantly add a glam quotient to your basic leather jacket. Add a choker around the neck, a collar necklace, a long peppy pendant or any other neckpiece of your choice to accessorize your leather jacket. Further, you can accessorize it with bracelets, earrings or ear cuffs to perk up the look. You can also add a pair of cool aviators if you are wearing the jacket in day time.The options are endless.
  1. Skirts and shorts
Wearing a leather jacket with a skirts or short is confidently one of the best fall trend we witnessed in the past year. Skirts and shorts have a very feminine touch to them and can help to balance out the masculine quotient of the leather jacket. Add a nice pair of pumps or sports shoes to be comfortable and look funky!
  1. Wear leather jacket with Maxi dress and LBD
Throwing on a Leather jacket over short dresses as well as maxi dresses is another fall trend that everyone fell in love with. Maxi dresses can be worn for almost all the occasions while  the Little Black Dresses are usually reserved for romantic dinners. Both these dresses, especially if monochrome can end up looking plain and boring but when you pair them up with a smart leather jacket, they look interesting and quite unconventional.
Thus, these are a few of the ways you can make your leather jacket look more interesting! Myntra is offering Leather jackets for both men and women in some offbeat colours like off-White, Navy blue, Orange and Maroon. It’s high time you check their lovely collection out!


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