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Ultimate tips to Build a Stronger Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is the pure replica of interpersonal business connections. Your Linkedin profile reveals a lot about your digital status. You should use it wisely and you'll surely notice the fantastic changes in your business.

The first and obvious step to implement these ultimate tips is ‘getting started’. You must take, all the practical steps to see an effective result.

 Be realistic! Never copy the same cliché stuff from your resume. A Linkedin profile is enough to highlight your precious present and past.

Be realistic, that's what people like and praise. Write your true experience, doesn’t matter it’s a small or big incident, but don’t forget to describe how the incident has or will impact your present or future. Add quality images which depict a healthy attitude, as they are easily digestible. These factors will surely help you to build more brand value. 3-5 reviews and testimonials can act as a cherry in the cake. However, the profile should shine more in a personal way. It's very useful especially when clients compare you with other competitors.

But what should you do, if you own multiple businesses? - Don’t worry!

 Concise the details of all your business in a summary that reveals your image as dynamic, active, yet integrated multi-preneur.

Project some light on your extraordinary abilities, in the line of work. Elaborate your experience, job by job by highlighting personal skills and unique interest. This will reveal the image of a complete man in the client’s mind. Use a pinch of humor and don’t forget to express the professional passion that lies within you. If you published on paper or electronically, show it off here. If you have earned certifications, or can speak a foreign language for business, say so here. It directly reflects on the experience you will always possess.

 Write an impulsive and catchy personal headline. The 120-character lines of text under your name is your Professional Headline. It is the first line a person will read about you and, also it will define you all over the Linkedin.

Do you know why magazines contain such strange but catchy headlines? Most of the magazine companies pay a lot of attention while selecting the headlines for articles because by reading only headlines a person creates the whole image of upcoming content. You don’t need to make it strange but assure that the headline is attractive enough. Tell them who you really are instead of your company/title and don’t forget to update your headline from time to time.
The headline should also be a good keyword researched (makes SEO friendly), which will be easy to digest. You may be a "DA Treasury at XYZ Corporation," but better said for LinkedIn branding purposes: "Seasoned corporate finance professional with 20+ years' experience in global treasury management". Doesn't the expanded version tell a lot more about that person than their {title} at {company name}.

Insert a photo with a charismatic smile. You should have a clear photo, exposing all factors, how you look like, friendly nature, approachable face. These tips are kinda basic but yet underestimated by others. It will surely build your brand.

A potential businessman might have your picture in front of his eyes while speaking with you via telephone. Now, you might understand the value of your effective profile picture. Also, keep in mind that with the help of your photo anyone should easily recognize you. This will help you to gain trust in an initial face to face meetings. Well, that doesn't mean you should hire a professional photographer for your profile. It can even be in some pose revealing your work like, as a public speaker with his hands extended making a point or an attorney on the phone.

No picture with your kids, dog, cat, or raising a glass at a party--not professionally correct. Never attempt a mistake by putting the logo of your company. Not having a photo at all is even worse. You should understand your face is also a part of your brand.

 Show your audience a fully shaped and one of the best Linkedin profile: Complete your profile 100% by getting a personalized link URL.

Ask yourself, do you have even 75% of your Linkedin profile completion?
Making a profile 100% complete will make your SEO more productive to use. To achieve 100% profile completion show your current position, at least 2 past positions, education, profile summary, photo, specialties and 5 testimonials by others of you. Don't make the client feel he is wasting his time, by putting so many testimonials of other people. That's annoying.

 Personalize your LinkedIn URL, instead of using the default URL you were given when you joined LinkedIn. If you have numbers and letters at the end of your LinkedIn profile URL, you need to personalize it. To learn how to do so, go to the Learning Center at the bottom of any LinkedIn page, and search for "personalized URL" and then follow the directions. Once you get your personalized URL, showcase the link everywhere, on your business cards, email signature lines, and all marketing materials. This will help the reader to know more about you thus having a clear vision for you.

Create a sort of question/answer forum. Answering valuable and purposeful question will make your image as an expert and worthy of time spent with you. Moreover, this will also help you to gain more knowledge about your business background.

It's a noble deed, helping someone by solving their problems. As said, it will build infinite value with an expertise image in front of all. This fortifies your stance and builds social capital with your network.

Always remember you'll never consider as a fool by asking easy and basics questions. But be sure you ask question time to time, that requires brains.

The world is changing itself at very high speed. You must do something extraordinary and more work from others. Apparently, a quite long time period is needed to stand apart from the crowd but, surely the moment will come. Social media facilitates us with easy communication but that makes difficult to attain the right impression. These techniques are not complex and should be adopted with time and are meant to be taken seriously.

Trust lifts your business to the next level. The processes are dynamic, and the result will be exciting. Even dummies can practice them. Good luck!


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