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A Drop of You - Krishna Chettri - Book Review

A poignant tale of love, author Krishna Chhetri's book revolves around Karma, Ghazal and Diana. They are three very different people enveloped with mystic, deep emotional love.

The book is peppered with plenty of poems and shayaris making it almost a poetic narrative with each turn of page reflecting deep emotions of the characters.

A Drop of You explores loves in its bare and soulistic form.
Karma loves Ghazal, and Diana loves Karma, who is her best friend.
They all meet at a bar in CP, Ghazal being introduced by a common friend Saddah and life is never the same again for them.
Through poetry the narrative is enriched and expressions enhanced.

The way there love unravels, its almost a cosmic intervention, a twist of fate. For some, the way Karma pursues Ghazal with all the excitement of overwhelming love can be too much to handle. But would work for die hard romantics.

At the underlying theme of the story is a question about eternal love. Is it real or just a make-believe stuff.
The book has a simple story but strikes a powerful chord with the reader.


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