Chennai Killings - Chital Mehta - Book Review

Vikram Rathi is a policeman still hungover from his sister's death. He is handed over a case of another young girl Sandhya, who has been murdered ruthlessly. As the story tumbles through twists and turns, we find out that Ravi is the murderer, and also both Sandhya and Vikram's sister's death are interconnected.

In Chennai Killings, Author Chital Mehta narrates a gripping thriller that moves with speed and never slows down. Chennai, a megapolis, has been construed as a backdrop where the characters from different parts of the country converge. Vikram, Sandhya's Family, are not native to but have found a home in or around Chennai.

It's not a very thick read, and the author has done well to reign in any slack in the plot. The reader is kept guessing until the very end as to what is the final outcome of the story. 
Publisher - Quignog


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