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Maximum city

Friday, May 23, 2008

The date on this book reads 6/4/2008. Didi,got me this book,from Bangalore,when she visited home this April.Maximum city,Bombay lost and found written by Suketu Mehta is a very popular book amongst the literary circles,and it really is worth all that acclaim and fame it has got.

Genre- non fiction

Age factor - Some part of the text, needs mature minds to be well interpreted and understood.
So this one is for people above 17 years of age.

The book
The day i had read its review in India today magazine,years ago,i had a strong memory for this book.It seemed interesting and knowledge full. So i can say i was well prepared for the book.Bombay, is a fascinating city with a mysterious charm to it.This book,is an autobiographical account by the author,of the financial capital of India. He has woven a biography of the city,covering a whole lot of aspects like history,bollywood,dance bars,politics,underworld,police etc.
The best part about the book,is the narrative style of the author.No way it gives you a feel of a travel guide book on Bombay.Its 584 pages doesn't seem enough,you crave to read more.
I certainly wish that the author writes a sequel.
Do read this intriguing account of the good the bad and ugly of the city of dreams,Bombay.

Gifting Ideas
If you are thinking of a gift around 400 rupees price band, then this and ideal choice.It is informative,popular,and well written.A very suitable one for both the sexes,and people of all age groups,above 17 that is.

Quote Unquote
" Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. "

Jai Sri Ram !!!


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